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LA Lakers 75th Anniversary Leader Color Block Satin Jacket

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LA Lakers 75th Anniversary Satin Color Block Jacket

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LA Lakers Black Bomber Wordmark Jacket

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $129.99.

LA Lakers Championship Game Gold Satin Jacket

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LA Lakers Purple and White Wool Letterman Jacket

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LA Lakers Ty Mopkins Starter Jacket

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Lakers Starter Purple The Captain II Jacket

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Lakers Starter Raglan Varsity Jacket

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Los Angeles 2020 Dual Champions Full-Zip Jacket

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Los Angeles City of Champions Jacket

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Los Angeles Lakers 17 Time Championship Varsity Jacket

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Lakers Jacket: A Tribute to Basketball Excellence

Get Varsity Jackets welcomes you to the “Lakers Jacket”! We combine our passion for jackets and sports culture in this fantastic collection dedicated to the legendary Los Angeles Lakers. Whether you’re a devoted Lakers fan or a fashion enthusiast looking to make a statement, our Lakers varsity jackets, Lakers letterman jackets, and Lakers starter jackets are sure to impress. Let’s dive into this exciting category and explore the essence of Lakers’ style!

Lakers Jacket: Symbolizing Tradition and Success

The legendary Los Angeles Lakers, established in 1947, boast a storied history filled with numerous NBA championships and iconic moments. Legendary players such as Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant graced the court in purple and gold. They  inspire Lakers fans to commemorate their favorite team’s success with chicago bulls varsity jacket.

Laker Jacket: Exploring in Detail

The term “Lakers jacket” is broad, encompassing several styles designed to cater to the preferences of Lakers fans. Let’s take a closer look at some of these popular choices:

  • Lakers Varsity Jacket

For those wanting to blend style with team spirit, the Lakers varsity jacket is a classic choice. These jackets feature the iconic Lakers’ colors – Black and Multicolor – along with the Lakers’ logo and other elements. Lakers enthusiasts of all ages favor the timeless design of varsity jackets. It makes them a popular choice for any Lakers fan heading to a game or wanting to show support.

  • Lakers Letterman Jacket

The Lakers letterman jacket draws inspiration from traditional jackets worn by athletes in high school and college. It features distinctive design elements like leather sleeves and chenille patches showcasing the Lakers’ name, logo, and other team-related symbols. These features allow fans to display their loyalty in a stylish, retro-inspired way.


  • Lakers Starter Jacket

The Lakers starter jacket, with its unique half-zip design and team colors, has been cherished by Lakers fans for decades. Characterized by its nostalgic appeal, it serves as a time capsule to the glory days of the Lakers. This makes a bold statement about allegiance to the team.

The Essence of Lakers Jackets

Whether you choose a Lakers Gradient Logo Wool Varsity Jacket or a Lakers Classic Triple Red Varsity jacket, you’re making a statement about your passion for one of the most successful and beloved basketball teams. These jackets connect you with a community of fans who share your love for the Lakers.

Apart from symbolizing team pride, Lakers varsity jackets are practical choices for staying warm and stylish during the cooler months. Wear them to games, watch parties, or as everyday attire to showcase your Lakers fandom. The durability and use of 100% Real Wool materials ensure these jackets stand the test of time. In this way these jackets become cherished keepsakes passed down through generations of Lakers fans.

Gear Up and Show Your Lakers Spirit!

Are you ready to gear up and showcase your Lakers spirit and love? Seize the opportunity to support the Lakers with one of these iconic Lakers jackets. It does not matter whether you’re eyeing a Lakers Classic Varsity Jacket or a Lakers letterman jacket. It is because these pieces not only keep you warm but also boldly proclaim your allegiance to the Lakers.

Explore the range of Lakers jackets to find the perfect jacket that suits your style and showcases your Lakers pride. So, why wait? Grab your Lakers jacket and become a part of the Lakers legacy today!


1. What Materials Do Lakers Jackets Use?

Lakers jackets typically use 100% Real Wool materials designed for both comfort and durability. The specific materials may vary depending on the jacket’s style or brand.

2. Do Lakers jackets come in different sizes for all fans?

Certainly! Our Lakers jackets are designed with inclusivity in mind, offering an extensive range of sizes. Lakers fans of all ages and body types can discover the perfect fit for their individual preferences. Whether they are shopping for a Lakers varsity jacket, a Lakers letterman jacket, or a Lakers starter jacket.

3. Can I wear a Lakers jacket to non-basketball events?

Of course! Lakers jackets are suitable for various events, whether attending a game or expressing your Lakers pride in daily life.